Forest, field and sky.

Forest Field and Sky: Art out of Nature returned to BBC iPlayer earlier this month and once again I was captivated by the beautiful natural art it showcased. I love the idea of art outdoors, whether its ephemeral and short-lived or something created to outlast its maker and give pleasure to generations to come. Dr James Fox focused on six very different artists in this programme, including  Andy Goldsworthy who makes beautiful stone sculptures along the English and Scottish borders and James Turrell whose sky spaces at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park were featured.

My favourite artwork was David Nash’s Ash Dome, a circle of ash trees which he has spent years growing and shaping into a living sculpture close to his home in North Wales. The dome is in a secret location – even the film crew were taken there on a deliberately circuitous route aimed at disorientating them. He says he hopes the trees outlive him and that he is still able to work on them when he’s an old man. Such a magical idea.

ash dome
Ash Dome as featured in the BBC programme

Sadly the iPlayer link to the programme is only available for a limited time but there are clips of it available on youtube and you can read more about Ash Dome here.

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