Christmas lanterns..


I have new lantern designs out just in time for Christmas although the designs I’ve made are deliberately meant for use all year round. As usual I’ve used hares and owls as my customers seem to love them so much. But this year I’ve also made up a design I’ve been thinking about for a while, a townhouse scene based on the sort of houses you see in the Baltic or places like Stockholm’s Gamla Stan district.

I’ve also added some new tealight designs, one of which is emphatically Christmas with its pattern of decorated spruce trees. Next year I’m hoping to run some lantern and tealight making workshops where people can design their own pattern, cut it and then make it up, all in a day.


If you think you might be interested then please feel free to email me – – or keep an eye on my Facebook page for dates and ways to sign up via my etsy shop here

2 thoughts on “Christmas lanterns..

  1. Hi, I have received one of your beautiful lanterns. Do you sell a base for it or does it stand directly on the table?

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